Van Gogh Games

It’s a kind of magic!

What could be the most powerful magical wound? A gold transformer? A teleport or invisibility power? Well no, there is something much better –> A wand that will transform sadness into happiness! Well you are probably thinking that this does not exists, but check this out and give it a try, hopefully u will feel our excitement and may it be doubled and doubled.

So what happened?

Little Miss Orange

I took a day off from work feeling burnout. Though I am cheerful, there are some days I feel so blue. Purple bear come across my mind. Red is for my anger, Blue is for my sadness. N Purple is my teddy bear. I put a ball next to him, but he is feeling empty n doesn’t feel like playing. I think I should put another mood to it, I put green and brown which makes him look a lil better but still I feel sad, thinking bout my beloved daddy who passed away.

I guess my quality time with Francois is the best bond, I send him a text through messenger n we start chatting n here u can see how it heals me.

Was quite sad this morning



I want to draw a bigger bear behind who is giving a friendly hug


Nice idea let me draw it


(i draw a smiling bear n a bigger sister at her back side, a brother that also want to be hugged by mommy…

 François JACOB

please draw another one for the little one behind with the car 😉





that’s great drawings 🙂 I like how it evolves 🙂


We can call it creative process



yes, this is very stimulating


Let us write a story and put it in our blog or on our Facebook

Hopper games


ok, what kind of story?



Story about evolving negative energy into healing

Through art

Through drawing


ok I choose a sad van gogh painting if you want, then we will change it, ok?

or you choose one ,and you draw it in a sad way? I don’t know how to start hehhe



Send me one of his painting?

I will start

Vase with Twelve Sunflower?




no, Doctor Gachet

it’s more sad





that’s why, we will change it 😉

first a sad drawing, then we add things and it will be a nice one 😉





draw a smiling girl on the left, then he looks at her, he is surprized



My sleep time


Good night friend

I really like your drawing


The day after …





coucou my friend 🙂

thank you so much!

I have done 3 drawings in the train this morning 🙂

and this is because of you 🙂 🙂 🙂


Wow thats what we call punching dude

Let me see let me see


7 8 9

I just took a pic right now

that was fun to draw it 🙂

third one I was partially not looking at paper


Cool! Reminds me bout Vidodido

Blind drawing

U draw what u see in the train


yes, exactly hehehe

first one, I was a bit shy, so I drew the foot of a girl, so she didn’t notices

second, this woman was reading, so she was not noticing me 🙂


U can write on the line bout the first pic : dear shoes, u have accompanied me to many places, how many steps have we been through, i guess i should treat u an icecream for your hard work so far.


and 3rd, when the trains stopped 30 seconds at a station, I was speed drawing that man (and finishing by memory)




yes, I was hesitating about writing some text with the drawing hehehe

I was following your advise

=> just draw

so I was not afraid

and the process was good, because I made some mistakes, but I like them 🙂




My previous drawing was done more than 40 days ago… No more motivation, I was feeling so void… Feeling that I was no more able to write anything! Here is a bit of chat about it with Vari:


I was not drawing since a long time 😦


Hm, take a paper n u can draw anything



Hehehe this is very true


Don’t think about it, draw it



But maybe I’m a bit afraid of blank paper hehehe

How are you?


Am sick today n taking a day off work

Blank paper is luxurious u know

But If u r afraid I can help to start it all

Draw freely!


As I was not able to take a decision for myself, Vari told me what to do, and, really, that helped me a lot and that gave me a big envy to draw, just because she was asking me to do it :-). Drawing is freedom, drawing is power. I am the happiest captain of my drawings, I’m the captain of my soul! (invictus).


Francois said that i am Little Miss Orange n he is Mr Big Blue. u know what, blue and orange is contradictory but if u put them together it is eyecatching !

I guess my quality time with Francois is the best bond, I send him a text through messenger n we start chatting n here u can see how it heals me.

we r so different from each other but we communicate well, u know who we should thank? our English Teachers.




Hopper games

Hi there, a lil about me, I am Vari from Indonesia, a Chinese girl born in Jakarta on 1985, I’ve started drawing since primary school and keep on drawing up till now. I draw on daily basis since I work as a drawing instructor on an after-school program for 2 – 12 years old kids. I can say that most of my drawings are categorized as cartoon and you will find out that it is quite cheerful.

Hello! I’m François. I’m from Paris in France. I was born there in 1974. My drawing experience started as a kid, but my school teachers told me I was not a drawer. I believed them and I stopped… Six month ago, I’ve understood my teachers were wrong, so I started to draw again. I like art and philosophy, they inspire me for drawing. I have imagination and I like to play with it.

We are trying to do a blog about experiments on our drawing. Each of us will draw something on a blank white paper and the person on the other side of the world will continue the drawing and put some color on it. We guess we put our taste, our mood as well into the drawing, we are free to change the drawing or copy it and add something. This is like doing chemical experiments… What will be the result of the mix of style and moods??

Here is how the first try took place:

To find a subject about drawing, I have chosen a book with paintings of Edward Hopper. He was an american painter from the 20’s century. He lived in Paris, then in America and I love the melancoly of his paintings. The one I choosed is called “Room in New York” it has been painted in 1932. The couple on that painting lives together but they don’t care about each other… and are bored.

A room in New York - Edward Hopper

A room in New York – Edward Hopper

I also wanted to add some surrealist things in that drawing so it is not just a simple copy. I changed the head of the man into a tiger’s head and the woman’s head into a bird’s head… The man is reading a newspapper, he is a bit “macho” like a tiger and the girl is playing piano, artistic like a bird. Here is what I have drawn:

François' drawing #1

François’ drawing

I was using a simple black pen and I did it in one try on a A4 paper.

Actually, this experiment is Francois’ idea, I was not too excited about it until I start redrawing the picture he sent to me. 

He didn’t tell me anything about the drawing, I didn’t even know that there is Edward Hopper’s drawing, so I just redraw it with my style. The result is quite different and we have a new story to tell from the drawing.

For me, Francois’ drawing looks quite serious, he has some thoughts about what he draw, not merely a spontaneous drawing. I was curious about his perception on his own drawing, but he didn’t want to tell me about it, he said he want me to be free in expressing any of my idea, 

so after couples of days I decided to do it,.. At night, after work, I was so tired but am trying to grab a marker and redraw his drawing, I tried so many times (more than 10 papers) to get what I want. After I feel satisfied, I redraw it on 2 pieces of paper (A4, landscape),

Vari's drawing

Vari’s drawing

I am very happy about the drawing and enjoyed the process very much, I forget everything, I don’t remember that I am tired, I feel relax and smiled a lot, then I share it to Francois and it doubled the excitement! 😀

I was looking forward to see Vari’s drawing. I was so curious about it. When I’ve seen it, that was amazing! The result is so great! We still can see Hopper’s set with a husband reading a newspaper and his wife playing the piano, but there is no more melancholy! Now this is a really happy room! 

The bird is playing the piano while the tiger is reading a story to his spouse. She is playing for him. They are happy. There are three wonderful details:the painting of them on the wall, the flowers in the middle and the eye of the bird that is looking at him subtitly.

I love the mutations of those drawings, how the situation has changed. This is not only drawing.

I am looking forward for another experiment…

I draw something for Christmas and asked Francois to continue the drawing, I guess we will put it here as well, for our second posts 😀